Rev Arash Azad (MBA) Extended Bio

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Rev Arash is the founder and Lead Pastor to Farsi speaking Christians at:

Emmanuel Iranian Church
630 East 19th Street
North Vancouver V7L 4J5


Rev Arash was Appointed a Designated Minister on December 5th, 2016 because of the professionalism of his Ministry and his life experience.

Academic Credentials

MBA University of Phoenix


As well as serving his Farsi congregation with Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care, his Ministry extends to the wider Farsi community in Vancouver.

His goal is to see his community integrating into Canadian Culture


One couple Rev Arash married said: ‘Arash exceeded expectations – hiking for us to marry us on top of the mountain where we met was amazing. He was wonderful. Thank you. Prompt and professional service all round.’


Reading, hiking, serving.


Full time pastor at Emmanuel Iranian Church.

Noteworthy Items

  • Received a U.N. World Summit Youth Award in 2014 for ‘Ladybug’, a service aimed at increasing women’s participation in the Iranian technology sector.


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