Rev Barbara Boyes Extended Bio


Barbara Boyes was appointed a Designated Minister on November 1st, 2017, with a focus on Celebrating Life Events. She plans to open a house church soon as well.

In addition, she has an Outreach Ministry for seniors and home bound people in the Maple Ridge area.

Due to Rev Barbara’s diligent service to the Church during this time, as of January 10th, 2019, the Board has decided to raise her to the rank of Ordained Minister.

Barbara’s Story

“I have always felt a need to help people that could not attend church or felt alienated by the religious stigma that goes with quite a few of the churches that I have attended over the years. I would like people to feel included, welcomed and that there is always someone there for them. That’s my ‘job’.”

I have been a member of the Anglican church as a child growing up, Baptized in my home church. I joined Job’s Daughters to help in the community as a teenager.

Once married I became a Grief Counselor and funeral planner at our local funeral home.

My Studies

While still attending my local church, I expanded my studies in different religions and beliefs plus I studied The Course of Miracles.

I then became involved with the local native culture, working with a very respected local native elder as an outreach worker.

I found the church was becoming much too restrictive and judgmental with others beliefs and lifestyles so seven years ago, I left in order to expand my teachings and reach others that did not feel included.

I studied Abraham Hicks, Eckart Tolle and The Law of Attraction, to name a few. These teachings study the universal law of one and the spark of God which is inside of us all.

Christ teachings have always been important to me and the most important to me was his teachings of love and inclusion. That is why I reach out to the people that feel abandoned by the church.

Giving Back

I worked with The Women’s Network, counselling and working with abused women, making myself available to women that needed an understanding ear.

I especially love working with seniors. I love to hear their stories and be an ear for them to pass down their stories to, They want to feel like someone will hear their legacy of life before they pass on. I visit many seniors to have tea with them and be that listening ear. I have done this since I was a small child, visiting the elderly and having tea with them so it just comes naturally that I should be doing this as a minister.

I lost my daughter a few years ago and am very empathetic to the families that have lost a child or loved one. I have offered my services to families in need of comfort or an understanding ear.

I have been married for 21 years and have five children. I feel that is a successful life in itself. Being an Minister enables me to reach the people I have not been able to reach with a message of comfort and inclusion.

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