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Christian Sawka - 3057 - 600x600Ordination Statement

“My background was in pastoring at a church so there was always an interest in becoming ordained. I had started the process while working as a Student Ministries Pastor but was never able to complete this process before changing careers. I think there has always been a deep desire within myself to help people, serve people and to be a support in their lives. I believe taking the next step and becoming ordained would allow me to expand the ways in which I serve the community around me.”


Appointed first as a designated Minister, Christian was raised to the Status of Ordained Clergy with Clergy Support Memorial Church on July 18 2018 by the Board.


Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA), Specialized in Leadership and Management (2008-2013)

Trinity Western University (TWU), Langley, Canada

  • Selected to travel to Germany to study processes efficiencies with the School of Business
  • Writer for the Mars Hill student newspaper
  • Elected Director of Operations for TWU Student Association
  • Alumni Relations Development and Resident Advisor


I worked as a pastor in Langley for 4 years at Resonate Congregation. This was in the role as the Student Ministries pastor. I worked with middle school kids (11-14), high school kids (14-18) and then college age kids (18-23). This would take place on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday’s. This happened every single week for 4 years. After stepping away from that church I then took over the role of a Student Ministries Director and helped start a new church within the Coquitlam regions.

As I say above, this church was called Resonate where I lead different study groups, youth nights and new believer groups for 2 years. I sat on the leadership team of the church and helped expand our programs, assisted with staffing and finance within the church.

Study Groups

Currently I am in a few groups mainly around team dynamics, leadership and better understanding people. The first group is called Leader Impact that is run through a religious organization called Power to Change. We meet every Wednesday for an hour and go over a leadership book about that is focused around understanding people and how to make an impact in people’s lives through leadership. The second group is a once a month group through work called Meeting of Minds where we go through different books and understand more of who we are. This month is based around the book of Nelson Mandela and understanding what it means to help the people around us.

Counseling Activities

In my previous professional I worked intensely in Pastoral counseling situations working with at risk youth, suicide prevention and also a variety of other issues. I’d dedicate about 10 hours a week to counseling situations or life coaching for approximately 3 years. I work with both kids and young adults.

Pastoral Care Activities

As a pastor, I have played a part in senior care, funerals and also critical illness care. There would be weekly visits across these different areas.

Volunteer Experience

Project Coordinator for FinLit in partnership with KidSafe (currently)

  • Provided day camps for children that could not afford summer care. We taught them basic savings knowledge, money information and job related skills

Student Ministries Director at Christian Life Assembly and Resonate Church

  • Ran all of our youth programs for the church included weekly youth drop in nights, monthly activities and bible studies

Director and Board Member for Camp Evergreen

  • Sat on the board, provided vision, budget and goals for each year of the camp. Worked with various different churches to put together the camp

Program Facilitator at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

  • Worked with providing after school programs as a place for the kids to be.


My three areas of interests are soccer (sports in general), craft distilleries and breweries and mentoring. First, with sports, I try to continually be apart of my community and I found that being involved in sports is a huge part of this.

This is the main way that I’ve been able to get involved in people’s live and let them know that I am there to support them. This has opened great doors to marry people, be there during funerals and just help people process difficult situations in their lives. Regarding distilleries and breweries, this has been a relatively new thing in BC but I found it is a great way to relate to people while enjoying what you are doing. Lastly, mentoring I’ve always had a deep passion for people to be all that they can be. Finding a way to mentor and engage people in their lives goes a long long way.

Closing Words

This year being a part of Clergy Support Memorial Church has had a huge impact on me. It allowed me to re-engage in pastoral ministry and to be in people’s lives. I think this hit home with me last night as I was talking with a couple I am marrying this year. The groom explained how much it meant for him that I was there, how I listened to them, calmed their nerves, and helped them feel excited about being them at the wedding.

At the end of the day ministering to people can look very different from person to person. But in the end, the goal and the belief is that each person’s lives is impacted by us.

Thank you, Clergy Support, for this great opportunity and experience.

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