Rev John Kerslake

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John has been an Ordained Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church since 2002. He served first in Ontario then later in BC when he relocated to Courtenay on Vancouver Island.

Originally from England and a trained actor, John has been with our church both as a Minister and as part of our executive team in BC.

As part of the executive team, he administers most of the church’s national affairs in BC. He is active in recruiting and training new candidates for church ministry and directs Church expansion on the Island.


Sundays will find John leading his house Church in worship, every Sunday at 11.

As well as being our National Church’s representative in BC, he is charged with leading in worship in a variety of other situations. In addition, he is a pastor to pastors across the Province. Example, he fills in conducting church worship services when a pastor is on holiday or ill.

John and his wife Santina conduct lovely weddings at the outside chapel on their property in Courtenay.

Life Events

A large part of John’s ministry is reaching out in ministry to non-church people and celebrating serious Life Events like weddings, funerals and baptisms.

In addition, John continues his pastoral care ministry with visiting and helping the elderly and sick.

Three words that people use to describe John: eloquence, grace, calm.


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