Rev Rosemary Godden BA,MA


The Board of Clergy Support Memorial Church is in full agreement to raise the Rev Rosemary Godden to the Office of Ordained Clergy (March 3, 2020) from the rank of Appointed Designated Minister-Life Celebrations and Pastoral care (April 07, 2017). We recognize Rosemary brings a wealth of dedication, caring and sharing of faith and knowledge to the adults, families and organizations that make up her community. 

Church Growth & Outreach

In addition to her ministry outlined below, Rev Godden also has an active outreach ministry conducting weddings for non church members via Life Celebrations – Covenant of Marriage, hoping to add them to the Church Fellowship. She is fluent in English and German and can also conduct ceremonies that include some French passages.

Academic Background & Training

  • Graduate Certificate – Canadian Ministers Training Institute
  • Bachelor of Arts (English and History), Open University UK
  • M.A. (English), Hull University, UK


Rosemary is presently a Minister of Life Celebrations. She also has a Ministry of Spiritual Direction & Life Coaching

In addition, Rev Rosemary contributes actively in her faith community through leadership roles, fundraising, and community building activities.

She contributes and participates in discussion groups to explore spirituality and social issues.

Community Services/Volunteer Work

Rosemary has been a lifelong volunteer, giving of her time and talents to building a better place for herself, her family and her community.

She spent almost twenty years with Correctional Services of Canada, providing chaplaincy services as an educator and program facilitator.

Closing Thoughts

Rosemary is passionate and cares about understanding the people around her, the world she inhabits and the spiritual realm. She looks constantly to build her capacities in these regards through learning, participating in community activities and self-awareness. As an Appointed Designated Minister and now as an Ordained cleric in Clergy Support Memorial Church, she has found a way to meld all of these ideas together and serve her community by providing Life Celebrations and hopes she has made a difference in some lives.


Rosemary is an avid reader and gardener. She’s also a consummate walker and has completed the Camino in Europe several times; enjoying the Portuguese, English and French Way, plus stages of the Camino from Le Puy.

Rosemary also runs a little reading club. The members are avid readers with a huge range of literary interest but admit to spending more time eating and laughing at their meetings than actually discussing books.