Rev Tanyse Billas

Tanyse Billas - 1845 - 600x600Introduction to Ordination

Rev Tanyse was Appointed a Designated Minister Jan 17, 2016. Since that time, she has served the church and her community with distinction. She was invited to accept Ordination status in early August 2018. We are pleased to report she has accepted this honour.

She meets the standards of an Ordained Minister because of her life experience. Life experience includes giving back to the community, serving a church in a variety of positions, her education, financial responsibilities, work history and age etc.

In this context life experience will be treated as analogous to academic theological training.

Academic Achievements

  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University.
  • Gerontological Recreational Therapy. Graduated with distinction.
  • Caribou College 1.5 yrs. general studies.


  • Recognition of Service from the Province of British Columbia for 23 years as a Provincial Marriage Commissioner.
  • Retirement from Canada Revenue Agency 13yrs of service.
  • Employee Service Recognition from Canada Revenue Agency for organizing and executing Public Service Week.
  • Service recognition (x2) from the City of Port Moody for my work on the Environmental Protection Committee. On of my proudest achievements is the contribution our committee made into getting 40 hectares of land protected resulting in the creation of Burt Flynn Park.

My Ministry

My ministry is to the local community. I counsel women in recovery through the challenges they face, support them in court. I have taken their phone calls at any time, day or night, when they reach out for help.

I have become an advocate for many who struggle to stay clean and sober, while they deal with addictions, doctors, social workers, getting medical coverage, treatment, court to get custody of their children or child support. Many times, those in early recovery find dealing with these situations overwhelming, so I will accompany them to appointments to help answer questions, provide info etc.

Many people in recovery have little or no connections with their families and find Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or holidays like Christmas and Easter very depressing or lonely. My husband and I have often opened our home to those with no place to go on those occasions. Sharing our home with others has brought great joy to us over the years.


Gardening, cake decorating, acting, making jams and jellies. I love Pilates and Yoga and taking my 2 dogs for long walks.

Personal Growth

I have recently completed an acting workshop. I participate in a women’s group studying “The 13 Grandmothers”. We learn the teachings of indigenous customs and traditions. I regularly attend “Sweat Lodges” which are First Nations’ prayer ceremonies. This spring I completed my first vision quest, which is a fasting ceremony (3 days) of prayer and meditation.

I have recently read “Iron Horse” which is the story of a First Nations’ boy, his experience with residential school and how it affected his life.

Giving Back to my Community

I have always been an active community member, from being a Brownie Leader, Parent Rep for Glenayre School accreditation, Co- chair for Inlet Skating club Carnival on ice and Member of the Glenayre Community Association Board of Directors when my children were young, to being actively involved with Alcoholics Anonymous and drug and alcohol addiction support in the past 7 years.

I facilitate an annual 12 step group for women. I volunteer to hear women’s step 5’s in local treatment centres as well as doing step 5’s for women within the AA community.

I was the treasurer for 2 years for the Tri City Rally which is a weekend of AA and Al-Anon speakers and social activities in the Coquitlam Area.

I actively sponsor many women, giving them guidance, spiritual direction, teaching them to be accountable and to take responsibility for their actions.

One of the highlights of serving as a Designated Minister in this past year is that I have been able to officiate the weddings of friends and family, and will be officiating the ceremony for the woman who babysat my children when she was a teenager. Having the opportunity to officiate these  ceremonies and blessing the union of members of my community, is a really special thing to be a part of.

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