Rev Tara Woods Extended Bio

tara woods - 2947 - 600x600Ministry

Tara is an Appointed Designated Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church with a focus on Celebrating Life Ceremonies like weddings.

In addition, part of her ministry was deepened by founding a local LGBTQ2IA+ organization for her community to help make it a more diverse and safer place for all. This community allows Tara many opportunities for Pastoral Care. As outreach, they held their first ‘Pride Fest’ this year, and are looking forward to the 2nd in June.

Tara supports her ministry by working for an Indigenous-run child-welfare agency as a Family and Youth Support Worker, and she runs a weekly youth group in a neighbouring town.

Tara is on the board of, and volunteers for, ANKORS – an organization that provides support and resources for those affected by HIV/AIDS, in addition to education and resources for harm reduction, sexual health, and substance use.

Academic Achievements

  • Holds Social Work Associates degree from Camosun College
  • Currently working on her Bachelor of Social Work degree.


Tara’s current hobbies are watercolor painting, felting, and camping/hiking.

Tara’s Friends Describe Her As:

Compassionate, eccentric, supportive.

Personal Growth

“The Body Positive movement has been so influential for me this year, for all aspects of my being. My favourite book that I read was Body Positive Power: Because Life is Already Happening and You Don’t Need Flat Abs to Live It by Megan Jayne Crabbe.”

Giving Back to the Community

“When I am able to, I volunteer 1-2 times a year for clinics for the Alberta Spay & Neuter Task Force, and for events and fundraisers with the Global Animal Lovers Society.” [See also, the Ministry section above.]

Closing Words

“Well, I am not your stereotypical Minister! I am in my 30’s and am tattooed and pierced. The wonderful thing about Clergy Support Church is that there are amazing people from all walks of life, all dedicated to providing excellent pastoral cares service in the spirit of love and commitment.”