Rev Tim Aldred

Timothy Aldred - 1243 - 600x600Regional Director for Vancouver & the Mainland


Rev Tim has served the church as an Appointed Designated Minister since July, 2015. As of June 21, 2018, the Church Board has decided to raise him to the rank of Ordained Minister because of his duties in the province and his continuing life experience. Life experience includes giving back to the community, serving our national church in a variety of positions, his education, work history and age. In Tim’s case, life experience will be treated as analogous to academic and theological training.


As our National Church’s representative in BC, he is charged with leading in worship in a variety of situations. In addition, he is a pastor to pastors across the Province. He fills in, conducting church services, when a pastor is on holiday or ill.

A large part of Tim’s ministry is reaching out in a ministry to non-church people. In the past three years, he has conducted 52 religious ceremonies. He also administers our worship hub in Vancouver.

A growing focus of Tim’s pastoral care is his ministry to a LGBTQI2S community in Vancouver as a Pastor-Worship Facilitator.

In addition, I continue my pastoral care ministry with visiting and helping the elderly and sick. I have acted as chauffeur to special events, visiting them while in the hospital, taking care of their home while they have been ill.


Genealogy, poetry, singing, plus cooking & baking.

In Rev Tim’s Own Words

Clergy Support Memorial Church allows me to function in this expanded way without being linked to bricks and mortar but rather linked to flesh and blood.