Rev Dr Andrew Fockler (BA, MEd, EdD (Western))

Andrew Fockler - 1261 - 600x600Ordination

Rev Dr Andrew lives in Delta and, in addition to being a trained Social Worker, he has served the Church since December 24, 2013 and now holds the office of Ordained Minister with the Church.

After a distinguished career as a Designated Minister, the Board decided to raise him to the rank of Ordained Minister with special focus in Pastoral Care and worship on October 16, 2018.

He pastors a house church called Johnson Wynd Outreach Fellowship in his office – Home.

Recently he has been seconded (promoted) to the office of Training Minister and Mentor for new clergy in the Vancouver area.

Rainbow Ministry 🌈

On top of these busy ministries, Drew represents our national office in Ottawa in a new Canada wide outreach program to the LGBTQ+ community, called the Rainbow Ministry. This program will offer local specialized outreach to men and women of the local LGBTQ+ community, with Worship, Sacrament, Counselling, Visitation and Pastoral Care.

Academic Achievements

  • Bachelor of Arts and Science from Athabasca University
  • Master of Education from Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Doctorate of Education at Western University


  • Toastmasters International for his leadership contributions.
  • LGBT Community Award for being an active supporter & facilitator.


Rev Andrew love to read and is also a bit of an 80s movie buff. He enjoys going to the movies. His time is currently monopolized by his Doctorate but, when he can, he enjoys vacation tourist traps like Disney and Vegas. He also has plans for some future trips to Europe and Hawaii.

Counseling Activities

Rev Andrew has twelve years working within the Social Services field in Ontario. Within his roles, he has helped guide youth, adult, single parents and people with disabilities move forward in their lives.

Pastoral Care Activities

At present, he is active connecting with his neighbors & community on a regular basis, many of whom are retired and do not connect with many people beyond their immediate family. Andrew also supports his husband’s union by volunteering at their events, both public and members’ events.

Personal Growth and Study

Rev Andrew is in the process of completing a Doctor of Education with a focus on leadership. His goal is to educate and empower others so that they can live what they deem fulfilling lives.

One book he is currently reading is The Tao of Inner Peace by Diane Dreher. He finds himself strongly connected to Taoism and has found that he has used a lot of Taoist teachings, often without realizing it, when working with the various populations.

Contributing to your Community

Rev Andrew volunteers his time working with those that require guidance in their life as a coach. He also connects with people throughout his community by engaging those that are less fortunate, by offering a meal, when he can contribute, for example. He and his husband donate to the shelter any gently used clothing and shoes.

Study Groups

Andrew works with his colleagues as they enter the final stages of their Doctorate and he loves to motivate the team. He has also worked as a facilitator for the LGBT community in the past and received an award for his contributions.