Rev Bonny Thorne BA

Bonny.ThorneRev Bonny brings to the fellowship a depth of pastoral care as she reaches out to her community.

Academic Achievements

BA – University of Kentucky.
University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus – Director of Mindfulness & Well-Being.


Rev Bonny an Ordained minister. In her thirty-year practice of meditation and prayer, her intention is very simple but profound: ‘do no harm to any living thing’.

Giving Back

She ministered in one of the most under-privileged sections of Vancouver before moving to Kelowna. Her ministry included serving Main & Hastings for 18 years as a community outreach worker. Her ministry was to sex workers, counseling and creating care plans for those that were dual diagnosed and living on the streets. She advocated for detoxes, women’s housing non-profits, and with advocacy groups.

She lead 12 Step program study groups, due to her vocation as a community street worker in the Vancouver Eastside.

Bonny is a former Board Member of The Dalai Lama Foundation and Founder of The Diamond Heart Foundation of Canada, a charitable foundation providing access to healthcare for the disadvantaged and offering hospice outreach, located in Vancouver. She has also worked with St. Paul’s hospital, BC Palliative Care Association, Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

She was recently recognized by the RCMP Award 2016 & 2017, by the Police Chief, Kelowna RCMP detachment, for volunteerism on behalf of the RCMP.

In her own words: “While a Designated Minister, I have been privileged to learn so much about myself, and I have a deeper reverence for the power of love and compassion. I feel this calling has been awakened in me, and I would be honored to continue my self & professional development as I grow as an Ordained Minister of the Church and embracing my work ethic in this widened capacity of providing service in my community.

I am a lifelong learner and hope you can touch into my sincerity.”