Rev Christina Stanley

Christina Stanley - 2408 - 600x600Ordination

Rev Christina Stanley was credentialled by the Church Board on July 16, 2018 as an Ordained Minister, as a minister of Pastoral Care in the area of grief and loss. Her background is in dealing with those struggling with their spirituality, especially at times of serious illness, and her life experience will be recognized as analogous to academic theological training.

Her journey towards Ordination began because of her previous work as a Disability Case Manager for fifteen years. She has a passion to the help people with disabilities, no matter the situation.

Academic achievements

  • British Columbia Institute of Technology – Diploma in Human Resources
  • Training program at the McKenney Creek Hospice

Pastoral Care

She began and continues to give back to her community through her work as a counsellor, key-note speaker, emcee, avid fundraiser and support worker for the A.L.S. Society of Canada and M.S. Society. She feels her purpose as an Ordained minister is now to provide resolution, both emotionally and spiritually to those who need or ask for it.

Her experience with children with mental or and physical disabilities opened the door for her to become active in, and volunteer in, community events that she was drawn to, was good at and enjoyed, such as: coaching youth soccer, coaching the Special Olympics, and assisting with programs for the Autism Society of BC.

When her father was diagnosed with ALS around 2008 Christina left her job and withdrew from her MBA program to be his care giver. She took a part-time job as a Marriage Commissioner, never realizing that this was to be her path in life leading to Ordination.


Christina remains a competitive athlete herself, and works out at the gym boxing, spinning yoga and Pilates. Summer time means time spent on the water: paddle boarding, water skiing and being part of a dragon boat team.