Rev Dorothy Blunden BEd


Rev. Dorothy was appointed by Clergy Support Memorial Church on September 22, 2020 as a Designated Minister – Life Celebrations and Pastoral Care. Dorothy believes that faith is expressed in many different ways, and that makes us all richer as a church and as society. Her experience and drive as an educator and organizer, as well as her experience working with people from different parts of the world, give her the skills and tools to minister in a variety of settings and contexts.

Academic Achievements

  • Graduate Certificate – Canadian Ministers Institute, October 2020
  • B.Ed University of Calgary

Memberships and Awards

  • Behind the scenes support to the Masons, Rotary Club, and direct hosting to their international visitors
  • Service award from the Calgary Heritage Advisory Board
  • Soap Stone Sculpture Award from the international gymnasts as their Chef de Mission at an International Gymnastics Competition
  • Recognition the Fort Calgary Historical Society, the Golden Age Club-Calgary, the Windermere Historical Society, and the Genealogists of Invermere


Dorothy has always experienced freedom to explore various religious expressions, and in so doing finding her own faith. She believes in a personal, strong, forgiving, all-encompassing, and loving God. Dorothy has learned that she is responsible for her own actions and choices, and God welcomes us to follow the divine pathway stemming from that freedom of choice, and our own personal human agency.


Besides her ministry work with Clergy Support, Dorothy attends the Centre for Spiritual Living in Kelowna. She and her family have been, and continue to be honoured to be invited and attend religious services in many different religious traditions.

Giving back

Dorothy is a dedicated visitor at the Bethany Care Centre in Calgary, providing ministry presence and companionship to any and all patients there. Dorothy has also served as Executive Director to the Golden Age Club, Outpatient Care Services (City of Calgary) to open a Respite Care Program for seniors living in their homes to facilitate daily living and other needed activities. The program was developed into an integral part of the city of Calgary’s public health system.

Her love of genealogy has also been a means of giving back to her community, particularly in the assisting those interested in learning about their ancestry through the Windermere Valley Public Library, and the Windermere Pioneer Museum.


Dorothy really enjoys the fun and effort in making porcelain dolls, which requires acute attention to detail. She finds joy in creating their expressions through painting, firing, and dressing each doll. Dorothy also loves writing, and she is an accomplished and published writer of children’s stories and articles, as well as a series of textbooks for grade five students in British Columbia. She has also written a monthly column for a seniors magazine, articles for her local newspaper, and a number of articles for the local museum. As a sports fan, Dorothy has a soft spot for basketball. She was a member of the team representing Canada in the World Masters Games.

In her own words

“I deeply believe that it is through a broad understanding and knowledge of our own beliefs, and those of others, that we can move forward giving respect and honour to all…no barriers or walls between religions, race, or colour.”