Rev Elizabeth Mueller


After Elizabeth Mueller’s three years of distinguished ministry as an Appointed Designated Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church, the next step is ordaining Elizabeth.

Thoughts on Ordination

“I have thought of it often, my sister (in law) and I would always have talks about it. She was a light worker and I would sit at her feet and listen to her stories and we would share dreams about how amazing it would be to bring light into the darkest corners of people’s lives. She passed away suddenly; now, the light that she still casts guides me onward. This is how I found Clergy Support Church. I am excited to open this chapter of my life in her honour. I feel like a novice still, learning and listening. My three years as a Designated Minister have gone by so fast. And like all of this, we evolve as well.”

Pastoral Care Activities

Rev Elizabeth works bringing movement to seniors, in residence and care homes. As expected they often fall, falter and weaken and she visits them in the hospital, brings her harp, tuning forks and Tibetan bowls (“often the ones they love!”). Elizabeth spends time making sure they are “comfy and relaxed” at the following institutions:

  • Cheam Residences
  • Cheam Village
  • Logan Manor (Assisted and supported Living)
  • Glenwood Manor
  • Chilliwack General Hospital

In the summer, Rev Elizabeth shares her garden bounty to those confined to their residence and Elders. “They love the freshness. And I love their faces.”

Personal Growth and Study

Books that impacted Rev Elizabeth recently:

  • I am Choosing to Smile – G.Standeven
  • The Art of Blessing
  • The Path of Practice – Bri. Maya Tiwari
  • Loving What Is – B. Katie
  • Walking a Sacred Path – L. Artress


  • A group of women that Rev Elizabeth is connected with gather at the equinox and solstices during the year to honour the passage of time, the changing of the seasons, the circle of life, death and the resurrection of nature.
  • Elizabeth does house visits in First Nation communities, mostly for Elders: showing them better ways to move, sharing and listening, making sure they feel loved and cared for. Rev Elizabeth shares prayers and blessings, stories and visions.


  • Chalice of Repose Project – (Guided Death),
  • Mindfulness Practitioner Course – Master Program (ongoing)
  • Death Doula
  • New Leaf Foundation Instructor – Trauma informed Yoga for Youth 2016
  • Tai chi for Rehabilitation since 2016
  • Peer Spirit Circle Training – Anacortes WA Level 1-4 2015
  • Biosonic Repatterning™ Educator from The Biosonic Academy of Music and Sound Healing, John Beaulieu PhD
  • Reiki Practitioner II – 2010
  • Therese Schroeder-Sheker  Sound Symposium, NY 2010
  • Singing Bowl Sound Massage – from Dr. Peter Hess, Practitioner since 2004
  • Nuad Phaen Boran – Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner since 2003
  • Practicing and studying Hatha/Kriya Yoga for 50 years, offering the path since 2000
  • Drafting Cert. – Uni. of the Fraser Valley 1988

Awards/Honorable Mentions


Kayaking, drawing/sketching, hiking, gardening, winter sports, yoga (of course) and walking her Labyrinth.

Counseling Activities

Along with my Ministry, Rev Elizabeth has a Yoga and Wellness studio. She does healing treatments and Reiki and often finds herself spending time with students, clients and others as they share things which bubble up. They return to spend time in the quietness of the studio and talk about the challenges of the world.

Contributing to your Community

Rev Elizabeth likes to participate in community events as a volunteer, like Harrison Hot Springs’ local Festival of the Arts. She often helps run events like The Terry Fox run, offering a warm up session. She also supports local and national environmental issues e.g. like keeping a quarry out of her village as it threatened not only the air and local wildlife but First Nations’ sacred sites as well. Elizabeth also supports Amnesty International and their fight for human rights around the world, as well as, the local food bank by collecting food. Elizabeth is currently running a blanket drive for the homeless.

Study Groups

Besides her ongoing studies, Elizabeth’s seminars and workshop are finished for this year but she will start back up in February 2019. She will continue to offer mindfulness and meditation programs, Vision Board workshops, and circle programs in addition to her ongoing movement practices and classes.

Closing Words

“This was a year of growth for me and our family. A large wedding dominated our year, it is a blend of cultures and now also families.

A year to expand and contract, and alter directions, a path of inquiry. I am participating in the Landmark Forum; it will be a springboard into consciousness for sure. I am quite excited.”