Rev Mheyah Bailey

mheyah bailey - 3131 - 600x600Credentials

Mheyah was appointed a Designated Minister on February 7th, 2018 with a special focus on Life Coaching and celebrating Life Events.

Academic Achievements

  • Diploma in Integrated Counselling Studies – RPC – Registered Professional Counsellor, Professional Coach
  • Diploma in Interior Design
  • Certificate in Event and Wedding Planning
  • Diploma in Floral Design
  • Certificate in Fashion Retail and Merchandising


Mheyah’s hobbies are her family and friends. She also loves to travel, to read, study relationship dynamics, watch movies and she has been a ‘thrifter’ since she was a kid. She loves a garage sale, markets, antique and junk stores. She also loves walking with her rescue pup and cycling too.

Three Words to Describe Mheyah

Open-hearted, engaging and authentic.

Care Activities

Mheyah has been parenting for the last 40 years, always worked part-time and she believes caring for our family, friends, community and strangers is how she lives everyday. She is an empath and is always finding ways to connect and care for others. It is why she became a counsellor.

Counseling Activities

Mheyah is a Relationship & Empowerment Coach, Professional Counsellor and Communication Specialist at Connection Point Centre. She considers herself a Connection Coach, a facilitator of love, connection, happiness & professional success:

“No relationship can be truly happy, fulfilling & successful without knowing how to express yourself to the important people in your life. Whether it is your significant other, families, colleagues or in your community. We all want to feel valued, loved, respected, special, and feel like we are contributing to society.”

Mheyah specializes in teaching the most important principles & skills you need to create happier, healthier & more successful relationships personally and professionally.

Along with my present Ministry, she markets her Counselling services through

Study Groups

Mheyah has just started a Personal Growth Book Club so all participants, including her, can learn and grow together.

Personal Growth

One recent highlight for Mheyah has been Enlightenment by Steven Pinker. Recently, she has been on a mystery genre phase but is excited to get back to some focused personal growth.

She is very excited to be attending a mini course with Dr. Sue Johnson who created Emotional Focused Therapy, a technique which she uses in her counselling practice. “Her books Hold Me Tight and Love Secret are both very meaningful in helping people see the importance of communicating through ones heart. It is empowering to feel that one can communicate authentically being truly who you are and create happy fulfilling relationships making a difference personally, professionally and globally.”


Mheyah is deeply spiritual and enjoys studying many types of faith and spirituality. Meditation is part of her worship time.

Closing Words

“This year closing it out with the passing of my beloved father has left me feeling a little bereft and contemplative. It was very meaningful to me to be there with my Dad in the last year. He didn’t always like it, being an independent man, but it further taught me and cemented in my heart even more the importance of love in one’s life, just love, every day in every way with everyone. Nothing is more important or valuable than human connection and love.”