Rev Deborah Fischer


The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was in full agreement to certify the Rev. Deborah Fischer to the Office of Appointed Designated Minister – Life Celebrations and Pastoral Care on July 20, 2021. Deborah has worked with people all her professional life, and ultimately being promoted to leadership positions. Rev. Deborah is a compassionate person who is always ready to help anyone in need, particularly the less fortunate and marginalized. In her personal life, she has been a long standing advocate for the disabled. We welcome Rev Deborah’s pastoral skills and her time to help us serve her community in Penticton.

Academic Credentials

  • Graduate of Canadian Ministers Institute, 2021
  • Certificates in Customer Service, Conflict Resolution, Time Management, Coaching and Development

Pastoral Care

Rev. Deborah has always been an active volunteer with Women’s Shelters, using her people and advocacy skills to assist women improve their lives and help them get back on their feet and gain back their independence and self-reliance.

Now retired, Deborah and her husband spend winters in Mexico and enjoy volunteering their time with “Building Buddies”, building a home a week for a family in need. She also supports a group called the “Blanket Brigade”, which makes and distributes blankets to people in need.

Personal Growth

Rev. Deborah firmly believes in life-long learning, not just in the traditional academic form. Travelling and learning about new cultures is at the top of her list. 


Her artistic and creative nature is clearly reflected in Deborah’s many hobbies. She loves to paint, draw, make jewelry from cutlery, baking and hiking. Many of the art pieces and crafts she creates are given away as gifts, bringing a little light to someone else’s life.


Deborah is a very spiritual individual. She believes that “the universe gives us back what we give to it”, which shows the reciprocal responsibility to life and creation. She believes in “living my life honestly, with a positive and helpful attitude.”