Clergy Training Manual

Over the past year or so, the Church has conducted a comprehensive review and remake of all its clergy training material. Three major undertakings have taken place to improve our clergy’s training.

Firstly, in each Province we serve, the Church has created an wide ranging extensive training blog devoted to the training of its clergy.

Secondly, the Church has created a Celebrant Training Institute in order to deepen and broaden the three year continuing education all ministers receive.

Thirdly, a new and exciting all-encompassing face-to-face Board examination and certification on most aspects of the clergy training material has been added to our training.

The Board certification process is completed prior to Ordination or Appointment by a committee of senior ranking officials representing  the Church Board.

If the committee of senior ranking officials is in the ‘positive’, then that committee acting for the whole Board. certifies the candidate.

Examples of the content of two of these programs follow.

1. Celebrant Training Institute

On the Church’s new, one can find new, detailed training modules such as:

  • Clergy Support and Pastoral Care
  • The Wedding Planning Meeting
  • The Wedding Ceremony
  • Baptisms and Naming Ceremonies
  • Funerals and Celebrations of Life

This is an ongoing project. The next courses we hope to offer will include LGBTQ+ Sensitivity Training, Making the Most out of Time with Seniors, and What you Should Know About Home Churches.

2. Provincial Training Blogs

On this new Provincial training blog,, one can read expanded information on the subject of our rites and usages. In addition, it contains important published statements regarding Faith, Beliefs, and Ministry. In particular, please see the following items: