Rev Ruth Roth BSc BEd MTh


The Rev Ruth Roth came to us seeking support with her ministry work with the Roman Catholic Woman Priests (RCWP), with whom she had been an Ordained Minister since 2016. The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was pleased to ordain Rev Ruth on August 15, 2019, embracing her passion for community service and outreach. She has been involved in a myriad of activities in various community settings for decades, including hospice work, volunteering in parish programs, as well as her natural calling to reach out and visit people, many of whom feel excluded from regular churches, and those who are ill or unable to attend church services. Rev Ruth’s past ministry work echos the CSMC foundation of meeting people where they are, bringing God to them.

Academic Credentials

  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Animal Biology, University of Calgary (1976)
  • Teaching Certificate (1977)
  • Bachelor of Education, Secondary Science, University of Calgary (1985)
  • Master of Theology, University of Newcastle (2013)
  • Canadian Ministers Institute Certificate (2019)

Awards and Memberships

  • Numerous awards for running marathons and half marathons
  • Special Education Award for integrating students with special needs into the regular classroom
  • Lifetime membership in the Alberta Teachers’ Association

Pastoral Care

Ruth regularly makes personal, individual visits with people who find themselves outside and excluded from traditional church, bringing a warm presence and time to them, letting them know that God loves them, and they are not alone. She has been active in community services and parish programs such as; Hospice Calgary, Inn from the Cold, Martha’s Kitchen, and she has over 30 years in music ministry. Ruth also organizes and hosts a group making sandwiches for her local Drop-In Centre, helping the homeless of the city.

Study Groups

Ruth is constantly involved with study groups. Most recently, she has two groups studying aspects of faith and spirituality, including the study of the books, “Wrestling With God” by Ron Rolheiser, and “Lies We Believe About Believing in God” by Paul Young.


As a member of the Roman Catholic Woman Priests (RCWP), a faith tradition expressing Western Catholicism, Ruth is busy with her liturgical commitments, traveling to Edmonton once per month to assist a community without a pastor there. She has spoken at a Unitarian Church during their Sunday service, and is available to speak at different denominations as well.

Rev Ruth has presided over funerals and provided follow up visiting and continued contact with grieving families.

Reminiscent of the early church, Ruth also celebrates the Holy Eucharist in her home, and other people’s homes as requested.

Personal Growth

Most recently, Ruth attended a three-day retreat with the theme: “Living Our Vision”. She is a life-long learner and has attended several of the annual Mary O’Connor Conferences on palliative and hospice care. Ruth is also an avid reader.


  • Constantly reading a wide variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction
  • Running and cycling, which are good ways of keeping fit and healthy, and also a way to catch up with friends and family who also enjoy these activities
  • Playing Bridge and other games, which are also very social times


In Ruth’s words:
“Prayer and service are important aspects of my life. My spirituality is based on the person of Jesus, and it is inclusive of all faiths, persons, and beliefs. In the RCWP tradition, all are welcome to the Eucharistic table, and all decisions are made in a collaborative manner.

Ruth is described as a good leader, listener, and organizer.