Rev Judith Ritcey


Credentials – Leading Worship

Judi has served Clergy Support Memoiral Church as an Appointed Minister of Pastoral Care since August, 2013. The Church Board unanimously agreed to elevate her to the rank of Ordained Minister of Pastoral Care on May 4, 2020.

Minister of Outreach & Church Growth Via:
– Ordained Minister of Life Celebrations (Weddings)
– Licensed Worship Leader United Church of Canada
– Bereavement Minister (Counselling, Funerals)


Judi is a recognized Licensed Worship leader for various United Churches: she fills in for local ministers providing Sunday Divine Worship Services if they are unable to be there.

Judi also has a funeral ministry, through Providence Funeral Homes, working and helping families prepare and presiding at Celebration of Life Ceremonies.

Life Celebrations

Judi loves this aspect of her spiritual ministry. Marriage is an important institution for her. She met her husband when she was fifteen and will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in 2020. “The ups and downs, the laughter, the tears and the fun times have helped me grow into who I am today. I enjoy being part of each wedding planning time and being the officiant on a couple’s special day.”

Giving Back

Judi’s greatest passion is music. She has and continues to sing with several large choirs in Penticton.

Each Wednesday morning, you will find Judi at the Penticton Regional Hospital volunteering at the SOS Café providing nourishment and a caring presence to those who walk through the door.

Academic Achievements

– ‘Certificate of Achievement’ – Canadian Ministers Institute (Hon)
– Judi graduated from the Halifax Infirmary/Dalhousie University as a Health Records Technician.
– As mentioned above, she is also a Licensed Lay Worship Leader within the United Church of Canada and received her designation in 2012.

About Judi

Judi lived in Halifax, NS from birth until she was in her 30s. At that time her family began to move about Canada quite a bit, from Ottawa, back to Dartmouth, then PEI and finally out to British Columbia.

Her degree in Health Records opened up some exciting employment opportunities. She was lucky to be part of the first team who worked at the Atlantic Veterinary College in PEI. When she moved to Penticton in 1988, she worked for Public Health in various capacities for 17 years.

Judi was, and continues to be, a very active community supporter. Her biggest achievement in Penticton was to found and operate “Unicorn Productions” Theatre Company. For seven years she created major productions in Penticton for children, ages 7 – 17. All net proceeds of this group were donated to the OSNS (Okanagan-Similkameen Neurological Society).


She loves photography, knitting and spending as much time as possible with her three grandchildren. Travel is also something she loves to do and she has travelled all over the world to exciting places with her family and her husband of 49 years. Judi is organized, reliable and fun to be with.

Personal Growth

Judi also belongs to a very active, dynamic book club which has introduced her to many interesting aspects of life. A couple of books that stand out for her this past year were:  “The Girl with Seven Names”, “A Child Adrift” and “The Milkman”.

Spiritual Life

“I have a very strong faith background which has helped me over the years as I dealt with issues in my life.  I am a very small part of the larger body but I know that everything I do helps in some small way.  Every word, every kindness, every helping hand. I am indeed blessed.”

Closing Words

In the words of her husband, Judi is a supremely talented bundle of wide ranging interests and energy that any organization would be proud to include as a member.