Rev Kevin Tay

Kevin Tay - 3364 - 600x600Appointed Designated Minister

Kevin Tay is an Appointed Designated Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church and resides in Burnaby, BC. His volunteer work representing Canada Post, Vancouver Police Department and Vancouver Pride lends credence to his interest and care for various organizations and events within his community. He serves the Church with his involvement in the community, his “give-back” to society and his genuine care for the well-being of many less fortunate people. The Board recognizes much in his life experience is analogous to Ministry training so he has been Appointed a Designated Minister.


My spiritual mantra, stemming from my upbringing and from the influence of friends of all religious backgrounds, has been to “Love myself first, then those who have made their way into my life”.


My pastoral care ministry extends to my involvement as Event Team leader for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and my coordinator responsibilities with aqua fitness sessions for the visually impaired and stroke victims.

I have volunteered many hours of my time to the education of children, in the classroom environment, on such subjects as safety at school, home and in the community. I have had the honour of being invited to speak at churches and schools and thoroughly enjoy talking with children of all ages in my Chinese community.

Memberships, Clubs and Awards

  • VPD Lions Dance Club, Dragon Hearts Dragon Boating Club of Canada, Canada Post Heritage Club
  • KOM (Kerrisdale, Oakridges, Marpole) Community Police Volunteer of the Year 2011
  • VPD Lions Dance Team Volunteer of the Year 2017
  • Level 4 Recipient from Canada Post Ottawa Headquarters as Captain in the Vancouver Pride Parade


Kevin has earned the following:

  • Provincial Instructors Diploma from VCC (Vancouver Community College)
  • Certificate of Public Relation from BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • Jet Engine Technician Certificate from BCIT
  • 12 other Certificates specializing in community development, crime prevention and workplace safety, earned through VPD (Vancouver Police Department) and Canada Post


I enjoy jamming out 90’s Pop hits, as lead guitarist, with a band called Atomic Powerbomb which plays 2-3 gigs per year at restaurants and night markets. I also participate in dragon boat racing, basketball and volleyball.

Closing Words

When someone enters your life, that is a blessing. When someone chooses to stay in your life, that is love. I have heard many stories of love in my life, and beyond the aspect of fate, the ones who have lasted in relationships have made love a choice. As a child I came across a poem that I feel becomes truer over time.

“If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.”