Rev Patrick Tracy (B.A.R.)

Patrick Tracy - 1270 - 600x600Appointed April  2015
Ordained July 2018

Rev Patrick has been with us as a Appointed Minister since April, 2015.

Our Board has decided that his experience ministering, leading in worship, and pastoral care, plus the quality of his life’s experience as described in the Church’s Standards of Ministry, is deserving of being moved to the rank of Ordained Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church. Carried unanimously. 

Present Ministry

Chaplaincy Ministry- RCMP & and assisting Vancouver Police service.
Bereavement Ministry – end of life care
Ministry of Life Celebrations – Covenant of Marriage
Counselling Ministry (Trauma) Critical Incident Stress debriefing. Police Related

Academic Achievements

Presently in a continuing education project –  Masters of Theology Degree,  St. Stephen’s College,  Edmonton.
Qualifications re Clergy Support Church ‘Standards of Ministry’ 4/27/2015
‘Certificate of Achievement’  Canadian Ministers Institute Aug 28 2019
North American Baptist College -Edmonton BAR Theology
Diploma Gardner College Camrose AB


At present Patrick has an active chaplaincy ministry with the RCMP. He also has a Bereavement ministry and conducts Life Celebrations.Rev Patrick has a passion for people and for social justice. He was originally ordained and licensed as a Clergy in 1984 and he was a minister to a congregation from 1991. Then, after being a pastor for a number of years, he pursued another ministry in the career of law enforcement.

During his twenty-year policing career, he found himself also doing Chaplaincy work within his agency and he assisted in the search, call, and recruitment of successive Police Chaplains to his agency.

After living a life of being a pastor and policing in very broken neighborhoods, Rev Patrick feels that he can bring some of our Creator’s hope, healing and humour to those he is fortunate enough to come into contact with.

Rev Patrick profoundly covets conducting funeral and memorial services and he finds it a true honour to preside over those who have committed suicide.


During his policing career, he taught Criminal Law, Elder Abuse, and court procedures.
He co-hosted a radio talk show for nine years on all matters pertaining to Police and Social /Community issues.

Rev Patrick enjoys reading and fitness training.

Public speaking is also a passion of his. He has conducted life celebrations from a few in attendance up to a thousand in attendance.(Rev 3/21/2020