Rev Shamim Pirani (B.Comm)

Shamim Pirani - 2840 - 600x600Ministry

Rev Shamim was appointed a Designated Minister in April 2018 to serve by conducting Life Celebrations and Pastoral Care.

Academic Achievements & Membership

  • BComm at University of Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Past Editor and Chair of International Fahari Jaycees Chapter, Nairobi.
  • Past Membership Chair, Board Member and then Chair of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners, Vancouver Island Chapter.


Rev Shamim loves reading self-help books about the mind, and it’s immense power to achieve success and everything you desire in life. Shamim is a great believer in using the power of the  mind in every aspect of one’s life, ever since she came across the book “Bring Out the Magic In Your Mind” by Al Koran. She has not looked back since.

Three words my friends often use to describe me: kind to a fault, gentle and easy-going.

Voluntary work

She was enrolled as a volunteer with CRA to assist newcomers to the country with filing their tax returns, free of charge.

What’s Interesting about Rev Shamim

I am a life-long learner. I’m currently learning all about the financial industry and loving it!

I believe all religions have the same message of “love your neighbor as yourself”. How beautiful is that!

I am of Indian descent born in Mombasa, Kenya, and now living as a proud Canadian on beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

I love travelling and especially organizing every aspect of my travels from flights to accommodations to meals and the many interesting places to visit.

So far I have travelled to Cuba (twice), Mexico (thrice), Jamaica, Thailand, India (twice), and more recently to Egypt. Have travelled to Europe (England, Belgian, France, Germany and Italy). In Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. PEI and Nova Scotia are on my bucket list next. And Morocco, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan and Australia.